Barbara SATO is Professor of Literature in Seikei University. She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University, specializing in social history and women’s history of modern Japan. She is currently researching on the culture emerged from the daily lives of middle and lower-middle class women in mid 20th century. Her main publications included: (1) The New New Woman: Modernity, Media and Women in Interwar Japan(2003; (2) Gender and Modernity: Rereading Japanese Women's Magazines (co-editor, 2000); (3) “Sengo Josei no Yumei to Genjitsu Zadankan ni Miru” (The Dreams and Reality of Post-war women – A Round-Table Talk) in Zoku Showa Bunka 1945-1989 The Sequel to Showa Culture 1945-1989 (1990).