ITO Ruri is Professor of sociology at the Institute for Gender Studies of Ochanomizu University. She obtained her doctoral degree in sociology from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris). Her fields of interest are globalization and gender studies, with a particular emphasis on migration and development issues. Presently, she is co-directing (with Tachi Kaoru) the “Modern Girl and Colonial Modernity in East Asia” research project. She is also heading a project entitled “International Migration and the Reconfiguration of Gender Regimes in Asia” under the 21st Century COE Program “Frontiers of Gender Studies.” She is also preparing a collective book on women migrants in Japan and their associative life. Her recent works include(1) Kaihatsu to Jenda [Development and Gender] (co-edited with Tanaka Yumiko and Osawa Mari, 2002), and (2) “Kokusai Ido to Jenda no Saihen [International Migration and the Reconfiguration of Gender Relations Among Maghrebin Immigrants in France]” (Shiso, 1998).