Eun-Shil Kim is currently an Associate Professor of the Department of Women’s Studies and the director of the Asian Center for Women's Studies at Ewha Womans University. She received her Joint Ph.D in Medical Anthropology from the University of California San Francisco and Berkeley. She has published many books and articles including: "A Culture that Cultivates the Prostitution of Teenage Women" (2003, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Vol.4, No.2, August), Women's Bodies, the Cultural Politics of Bodies (2001, Seoul: Tomoon Publishing), and "The Cultural Logic of the Korean Modernization Project and its Gender Politics", (2000, Asian Journal of Women's Studies, vol.6, No.2, pp.50-77, Seoul: Ewha Womans University) She has written widely on women, body and modernity issues, including nationalism and the representation of women's sexualities, the medico-political construction of the female body in Korean modernization projects, as well as the politics of gender, personhood and citizenship in nation state and transnational space. Currently she is conducting research projects on the identity politics of migrant women workers in glo/local settings and New Women in colonial Korea.

Eun-Shil Kim