Vera Mackie is Australian Research Council Professorial Research Fellow in History at the University of Melbourne. She gained her PhD from the University of Adelaide in History and Women's Studies. Until recently she was Professor of Japanese Studies at Curtin University of Technology, and has held Visiting Professorships at Ochanomizu University and Victoria University. Her major publications include Creating Socialist Women in Japan:Gender, Labour and Activism, 1900-1937, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997 (paperback edition 2002); Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003; and Gurobaruka to Jenda Hyosho [Globalisation and Representations of Gender], Tokyo: Ochanomizu Shobo 2003. Her current research projects are: 'The Politics of Visual Culture in Modern Japan' and 'A Cultural History of the Body in Modern Japan'.
Vera Mackie