Priti Ramamurthy is Associate Professor in the Department of Women Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. She received her Ph. D. in Social Science from Syracuse University. She has theorized feminist commodity chains in her essays, “The Cotton Commodity Chain, Women, Work, and Agency in India and Japan: The case for feminist agro-food systems research,” World Development 28 (3) 2000, “Material Consumers, Fabricating Subjects: Perplexity, global discourses, and transnational feminist research practices,” Cultural Anthropology 18 (4) 2003, and “Why is buying a ‘madras’ cotton shirt a political act?,” Feminist Studies 30 (3) 2004. She is currently working on a book, 100% Cotton: The transnational politics of gender and agrarian transformations, based on long-term ethnographic field work in south India. Her fields of interest are feminist international political economy, economic development, agrarian transitions, and consumption and commodity cultures.