Tani Barlow is Professor of History and Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Washington. She received her doctoral degree at the University ofCalifornia, Davis in History with fields in Modern and Traditional China,Modern Japan and Modern Europe. The titles of her recent publications are: a monograph entitled _The Question of Women in ChineseFeminism_ (Durham: Duke University Press, 2004), and two new essays, "ThePornographic City," in Jing Wang and David Goodman, ed., Locating China:Space, Place and Popular Culture (Routledge Press, in press) and "WantingSome: Social Science and the Eugenic Modern Girl," in Mechthild Leutnerand Nikola Spakowski, ed., Women in Republican China (Berlin: LIT Verlag,in production). Her current research fields of interest are the history of the social sciences in China, international feminism and critical policy formation in the PRC.