ADACHI Mariko is Professor of Feminist Political Economy at the Institute of Women's Studies of Osaka Women's University. She obtained her M.A. and finished her doctoral course credits at the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. Her fields of interest are economics and political economy, with an emphasis on gender analysis. Her current research focuses on the reconfiguration of gender in globalization, specifically the international movement of care taking. Also, she recently has taken up the development of international cosmetics business network to analyze colonial modernity in world capitalism, from the two perspectives of luxury and militarism. Her main publications include (1) Removal of the double veils: Antagonism and the Discontinuity of Capital; (2). Global Session of Economy and Gender (Series: Modern Economics; Society and Gender 5) (2001); (3). (Market, System and Family – The possibility of Feminist Economics.) In (Globalization and discontinuity. Multi dimensional Economic Society.) (2001)