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Current Issues on Global Economy and Gender: Macroeconomic Issues and Social Construction
Public Forum for Asia-Pacific Capacity Development of Gender and Macroeconomic Issues 2nd Regional Intensive Course
Formulating Inter-collegial Network for Peacebuilding in Global Society Project

In the 21st century, no one can deny the influence of globalization on politics, the economy, and culture. At the same time, they are all deeply entwined in issues of gender. This forum, taking the Asia-Pacific region as its focus, will attempt to reformulate the problems of development and social reconstruction, from the viewpoint of macroeconomics and gender.

With the theme “macroeconomics and gender,” we will clarify the circuits through which topics which had previously been treated in only a gender-neutral way in economics taxation, finance, social welfare, trade, investment, labor, leisure time, carework, unpaid labor, international migration, etc. are actually entwined with gender. And depending on the relationship between national and local government and the local community, not to mention periods of crisis such as in disasters, etc., through policies, systems and cultural norms, all of the above topics become manifest in very different ways.

We hope that this forum, held at a time of striking change and crisis, will provide an opportunity to share our knowledge and practical experience anew towards an alternative development and social reconstruction. We look forward to your active participation.

Date & Place

July 9(Sat.), 2011, 10:00-17:00, Auditoriums, Ochanomizu University


10:00-10:40 Opening Remarks Sawako HANYU(President, Ochanomizu University)
    Kouji YAGI(Officer-in-Charge, UNDP Tokyo Office)
10:45-12:00 Session1: Keynote Speech Diane ELSON(Essex University)
"Finance, Production and Reproduction in the Context of Globalization"
12:00-13:30 Break  
13:30-15:15 Session2: Macroeconomics and Gender Maria FLORO(American University)
The Crises of Environment and Social Reproduction: Understanding their Linkages
    Mari OSAWA(The University of Tokyo)
Dysfunctioning Systems of Livelihood: Security are Behind the Global Imbalance
    Discussant Mariko ADACHI(Ochanomizu University)
15:15-15:30 Break  
15:30-16:30 Session3: Social Construction and Gender Marina DURANO(Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Looking for Gender in ODA to Asia
    Keiko IKEDA(Shizuoka University)
Mainstreaming Gender in Disaster Risk Reduction: Case of Bangladesh
    Mieko TAKENOBU(Wako University)
The current gender problems from sight of the disaster in Japan
16:30-16:55 Discussion  
16:55-17:00 Concluding Remarks  Mariko ADACHI
Japanese-English interpretation provided

Program Organizer

Ochanomizu University & United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Supporting Institutions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
International Associations For Feminist Economics (IAFFE)
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
The Gender and Macro International Working Group (GEM-IWG)

Program Organizer

Institute for Gender Studies (IGS), Ochanomizu University

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IGS Symposium

Care Economy


Julie A. Nelson (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
"For Love or Money? Current Issues in the Economics of Care"(TBA)


Kumiko IDA (Osaka Prefecture University)
Mariko ADACHI ( Ochanomizu University)

Date & Place

2011/1/8(sat.) 13:00-16:00
Room 607 (6th floor), Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, Ochanomizu University
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