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About IGS

The Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) was founded in 1996 at Ochanomizu University, which was initially established as a national teachers college for women in 1875 in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. In 1949 growth in the number of faculties at the original teachers college led to the college being transformed into a national university for women. In 2004 Ochanomizu University was incorporated in accordance with National University Corporations legislation.

The current Institute for Gender Studies began in 1975 as the first national archive of women’s studies. Affiliated with Ochanomizu University, its activities involved resource collection and research. The archive was reorganized as the Institute for Women’s Studies as emphasis shifted to academic research and educational activities. Then in 1996 the Institute was renamed the Institute for Gender Studies (IGS).

IGS aims to develop academic research and educational activities related to gender studies in Japan; and has expanded its activities, particularly since 2003. The Institute’s work has been central to the 21st century Center of Excellence (COE) program entitled Frontiers of Gender Studies funded by the Japanese government; and has introduced postgraduate courses specializing in gender studies in social science. Furthermore, IGS promotes the expansion of academic networks, with domestic and international scholars collaborating on research projects, international symposia and public seminars. Outcomes of these research projects and seminars are published as books, reports and in the annual journal, Journal of Gender Studies, to increase accountability in our society.

Dvelopment of the Institute for Gender Studies

year event
1875 Tokyo Women’s Normal School, the forerunner of Ochanomizu University, founded.
1949 National University, Ochanomizu University, founded.
1975 International Women’s Year
First World Conference on Women in Mexico City.
Archive of Women’s Studies founded as the first research and documentation center for women’s studies in Japan.
1979 Adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in UN General Assembly.
1980 Second World Conference on Women in Copenhagen.
1985 Third World Conference on Women in Nairobi.
Ratification of Equal Employment Opportunity Law between Men and Women.
1986 Establishment of the Institute for Women’s Studies.
1993 Department of Women’s Studies, Doctoral Program, initiated at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences at Ochanomizu University.
1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.
1996 Institute for Gender Studies (IGS) established.
Ochanomizu University is the first Japanese university to found an institute under the name of Gender Studies.
1997 Department of Gender and Development Studies, Master’s Program established at Ochanomizu University.
1998 Within Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Department of Women’s Studies reorganized as Department of Gender Studies.
1999 Approval of the Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society.
2000 UN General Assembly Special Session on ‘Women 2000’ in New York.
2003 The 21st century COE Program entitled Frontiers of Gender Studies (F-GENS) launched.
2004 The National University Corporation, Ochanomizu University, founded.
IGS remains as Joint Research and Educational Facility.
2005 Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies founded.
2006 Master’s Program, Gender and Social Science in Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, founded.
2007 The Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences reorganized.

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