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Chika AMANO, Michiko ISHIZUKA, Satoko KAN, Kazuko TAKEMURA

By re-examining the concept of gender, Project D explores a new theoretical perspective addressing the current geopolitics of the local and the global, and going beyond the dichotomy of West vs. Non-west. Through a critical reading of cultural representations of gender, and based on critical theories, the project analyzes gender biases underlying in individual perceptions of sex and family, collective identities and policies, in order to further promote synergies between theories, movements and politics.



D-1 Local and Global Production, Acceptance, Critique of Literature on Gender and Cultural Representation in English Speaking Areas

D-2 Theory and Analysis of Visual Representation based on Gender

D-3 Interrelationship between Formation of the Modern Nations States and Gender Representation

D-4 Data Base on Cultural Representations of Gender








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