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F-GENS's program seeks to reexamine impending domestic and global issues from a gender perspective, thereby establishing at our university an academic frontier of gender studies. Our investigative project is rooted in the historical experience of Japan and Asia and is consequently intended to contribute to the advancement of gender equality within and outside of Japan.


The following four projects are the constituent parts of F-GENS:

Project A   Gender Equality, Cultural Diversity & Public Policy

Project B   Reproductive Labor, Work & the Economy

Project C   Body, Medical Care, Science & Technology

Project D   Theory & Representation


Working in close collaboration, scholars in each of the four projects will pursue a common, overarching sociopolitical and cultural analysis of modern gender formation in order to reconfigure “woman,” “family,” “community,” and “state,” and ultimately to open a new perspective on human development. Our objective is to present to local as well as the central government new gender-conscious policy proposals for use and implementation. To this end, F-GENS is committed to improving the research environment for future generations of scholars in gender studies and to training researchers, administrators, and citizens accredited to work in these related fields.


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