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Mariko OGAWA, Kaoru TACHI, Azumi TSUGE, Hiroko HARA

Project C aims at creating new knowledges that would allow our society to deal with emerging life-long issues of sexuality (sexual identity; sex, reproduction and health; child birth, menstruation and menopause) by analyzing our perceptions of body, reproduction and sexuality from a gender perspective. Attention will be paid on the specificities of Asian societies as well as on the universal dimension of these issues. The project also examines gender biases intrinsic in bio-medical research such as new post-human genome genetic research, reproductive technology, and regenerative medical research (ES cells, stem cells, clone...) to elucidate their implications in legal, ethical and social dimensions.



C-1 Perception of “Body” and “Sex/Gender” in “Asia”

C-2 History and Policies of Science and Technology from a Gender Perspective

C-3 Bio-Medicine and Gender in the Age of Post-Genome

C-4 “Development” and “Reproductive Health and Rights”

C-5 Women’s Perception on Body, Cultural and Social Changes of “Menstruation, Pregnancy, Child Birth, and Menopause”

C-6 Study on Diverse Sexualities

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