Institute for Gender Studies,Ochanomizu University

Research and Educational Activities

Research and Educational Activities

1. Interdisciplinary research on gender studies
2. Training in gender studies for researchers and students
3. Collection of publications and resources on gender studies
4. Provision of public seminars and reference services
5. Releasing publications of research projects
 Types of research projects
 1) Projects by visiting professors
 2) Research projects in collaboration with IGS staff and researchers
 3) Individual research projects
 4) Projects funded by outside resources
6. International networking of gender studies

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International Networking

IGS advises visiting scholars and research students(Japanese and non-Japanese) studying at the Institute. As well,full-time faculty members hold graduate seminars in women's and gender studies in and outside the campus.

Visting Professors

Name Period Subject Country
Thanh-Dam Truong
1996.10-12 Women and Development in Asia Holland
Kim Jae-In
1997.1-4 Cross-National Comparison on Women's Policies and National Machineries, Particularly Focusing on Korea and Japan Korea
Frances Olsen
The Role of Legal Studies in Gender Studies
Bina Pradhan
Development and Gender, focusing on Population and Reproductive Health Nepal
Saskia Eleonora
Culture, Identity and Sexuality, in Relation to Social Processes and Development Holland
Trinh T. Minh-ha
Gender and Ethnicity in Cinematic Representations U.S.A.
Kim Hye Seon
1998.9-12 Study of Mate Selection: Cross National Comparison between Korea and Japan Korea
Amaryllis T. Torres
Gender Issues in Community Development Philippines
Malavika Karlekar
Viewing Women through Personal Narratives and Photographic Representation India
Patricia Uberoi
Gender and Family in Popular Culture
Anne Walthall
Study of Gender in Japanese History U.S.A.
Tani E. Barlow
Critical Analysis of Gender in East Asia U.S.A.
A Comparative Study of Migration in Europe and Japan in the 1990's: A Gender Perspective France
Vera Mackie
Globalization and Gender in Asia and the Pacific Australia
Carla Risseeuw
2002.4-12 A Gender Analysis of Care Arrangements and Aging Holland
Cynthia Enloe
The Links between Japanese Women's Political Participation in Government and outside of Government U.S.A.
Josephine Ho
Emerging Challenges to Feminist Gender/Sexuality Theories in East Asia Taiwan
Dai Jinhua
Intersectionality of Gender Theory and Cinema Research China
Li Xiaojiang
Theory and Method: Women (both Chinese and Japanese)'s Oral History in the War Time in Manchuria China
Michiko Mae
The Formation of Transcultural
Consciousness in Relation to Nation State, Culture and Gender
Rhoda Kesler Unger 2004.6-8
Social Constructions of Gender: Empirical Psychology through a Feminist Lens


Kim Eun-Shil
The Korean Woman's Experience of
(Colonial-) Modern during 1920-1930s
Rhacel S. Parreñas 2005.4-11
Entertainers: Gender and Migration in Japan U.S.A.
Eli Bartra
Women and Folk Art in Japan Mexico
Carolyn I. Sobritchea 2006.5
A Study of the Reproductive Health Status and Concerns of Filipino Female Migrant Workers in Japan Philippines
Judy Wajcman
The Social Shaping of Technology:
A Gender Analysis
Heidi Gottfried
Social Contracts in Transition: Gender, Non-Standard Employment and Regulation U.S.A.

*Note: Countries indicated in the table designate the location of workplace where
visiting professors were affiliated to during their period of stay at IGS.

Collection of materials on gender studies:

The library concentrates collecting works on gender studies in addition to its original focus on women's education,family history and biographies, as well as rare European books from the 1630's, a microfilmed collection of women's history, the Takigawa-Bunko (materials on yujo, or prostitutes in the Edo Era), a collection of koto-jogakko (girls' higher schools in Japan Before 1945) materials, and other personal documents. The library's main holding are on Japanese women, but include materials on women in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Reference services, discussions, events, and publications:

IGS holds symposiums and monthly study and research sessions, and occasional exhibitions; participants are always welcome. It publishes an annual bulletin, The Bulletin of the Institute for Gender Studies {formerly The Bulletin of the Institute for Women's Studies (since 1980; in Japanese, some in English)} and occasional research reports. Major titles of IGS's research reports include "University Education and Women with the Diversification of Women's Life Courses" (in Japanese).

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