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December 16, 2007 Understanding “Male” Gender through Sexuality of “Male Homosexuals”

Workshop & International Symposium “Understanding ‘Male’ Gender through Sexuality of ‘Male Homosexuals’: From the Perspective of the Issue HIV/AIDS in Asia”

Morning Session
Workshop: HIV/AIDS and "Male Homosexuals" in Contemporary Japan
 Seiichi ICHIKAWA, (Nagoya City University)
  “HIV/AIDS Epidemic among MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) in Contemporary Japan: From the Perspective of Epidemiology”
 Hideki SUNAKAWA (University of Tokyo, Ph.D. Candidate / Research Fellow, Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention)
  "’Gay Activism’ and HIV/AIDS in Contemporary Japan: From the Perspective of Activism and Cultural anthropology”
【Respondents】 Takashi KAZAMA (Chukyo University)
            Satoshi TANAHASHI (Ochanomizu University)
【Presiding】 Akitomo SHINGAE (COE Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Afternoon Session 
International Symposium: Sexual Practices of "Male Homosexuals" and the Issue of HIV/AIDS 
【Key Speech】 Gilbert HERDT (Director and Professor of the Human Sexuality Studies, San Francisco State University)
            “Male Homosexuals, Masculinity, and HIV/AIDS”
【Respondents】 Chisato KITANAKA (Hiroshima University)
            Akitomo SHINGAE (COE Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
【Presiding】 Satoshi TANAHASHI (Ochanomizu University)

【Organizer】 Cross-Project Researches

The Purpose of the workshop and international symposium:
These events aim to suggest a new approach to understand "male" gender from the perspective of "male homosexuals." We will discuss how "politics" and "masculinity" are connected to sexual practices of male "homosexuals," and go a step further to work together with epidemiologists, decision-makers, and AIDS activists. We will invite Professor Gilbert Herdt from the United States, who is the world-leading scholar studying gender, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS from the perspective of cultural anthropology. We look forward to your attendance.

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