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December 7-9, 2007 Globalization of the Reproductive Sphere and Asia

International Symposium “Globalization of the Reproductive Sphere and Asia: Migrants, Family, State, Capital”

Day 1: Pre-Symposium
【Films】Match Made (Director: Mirabelle Ang, Shingapore, 2006)
     2.5 Billion Dollars for the State (Director: Lexy Junior Rambadeta, Indonesia, 2001)
【Talks】Brenda YEOH (National University of Singapore)
     Pei-Chia LAN (National Taiwan University)
【Interpreter】Masami OCHI (Ochanomizu University, Graduate Student)
【Moderator】Chiho OGAYA (Yokohana National University)
【Coordinators】Chiho OGAYA (Yokohana National University)
          Fumie OHASHI (Ochanomizu University, Graduate Student, JSPS Fellow)

Day 2
Session 1: Immigration Policy and the Reproductive Sphere
 Ruri ITO (Hitotsubashi University, COE Member)
   “Immigration Policy and the Question of Women Migrants’ Citizenship in Japan: A Dual Challenge of Integration and Transformation”
 Kayo SAWADA (Okinawa International University)
   “’Masculinization’ of Fertility and International Marriages: Reproductive Chain and Its Gendered Implications in Taiwan”
 Hyun-Mee KIM (Yonsei University)
   “The State and Migrant Women: Diverging Hopes in the Making of ‘Multicultural Families’ in Contemporary Korea”
【Discussant】Aki SEO (Senshu University)
【Moderator】Shirlena HUANG (National University of Singapore)

Session 2: International Transfer of Reproductive Labor and Migrant Worker’s Rights
 Chiho OGAYA (Yokohana National University)
   “Domestic Workers Rights Movements in Asia: Does Care-chain Make a New Sphere for Advocacy?”
 Nana OISHI (International Christian University)
   “International Migration of Care Workers: The Case of Filipino Caregivers in Canada”
 Pei-Chia LAN (National Taiwan University)
   “Reproductive Crisis and Sexual Control over Migrant Women in Taiwan”
【Discussant】Kyoko SHINOZAKI (J. W. Goethe, University of Frankfurt)
【Moderator】Wako ASATO (Osaka University)

Session 3: The Tansnationalization and Commercialization of Intimate Life
 Hung Cam THAI (Pomona College of the Claremont University Consortium)
   “Restoring Masculinity in the Global Intimate Economy of the Vietnamese Diaspora”
 Rhacel S. PARREÑAS (University of California, Davis)
   “Cultures of Flirtation: Sex and Moral Boundaries of Migrant Filipina Hostesses in Tokyo’s Nightlife Industry”
【Discussant】Eunice Akemi ISHIKAWA (Shizuoka University of Art and Culture)
【Moderator】Mika TOYOTA (National University of Singapore)

Day 3
Session 4: Institutionalization of Elder Care and Migrant Workers (1) Singapore
 Brenda YEOH & Shirlena HUANG (National University of Singapore)
   “State Policies, Foreign Domestic Workers and Home-based Eldercare in Singapore”
 Brenda YEOH, Shirlena HUANG & Mika TOYOTA (National University of Singapore)
   “State Policies, Migrant Healthcare Workers and Institutionalized Eldercare in Singapore”
 Mika TOYOTA (National University of Singapore)
   “Care Chain or Care Circuit: Reconfiguring the Reproductive Sphere in Myanmar”
【Discussant】Nana OISHI (International Christian University)
【Moderator】Kayo SAWADA (Okinawa International University)

Session 5: Institutionalization of Elder Care and Migrant Workers (2) Japan
 Wako ASATO (Osaka University)
   “The Formation of East Asian Community and Migration of Healthcare Workers”
 Aya SADAMATSU (Keisen University)
   “The Meaning of ‘Care’ in the Nursing Homes and the Emerging Expectations for Foreign Care Workers”
 Mariko ADACHI (Ochanomizu University, COE Member)
   “Long-term Care Insurance and the Reproductive Bargain”
【Discussant】Chiho OGAYA (Yokohama National University)
【Moderator】Harumi SASATANI (Hokkaido University of Education)

Session 6: Globalization of the Reproductive Sphere and Asia
【Discussant】Chizuko UENO (University of Tokyo)
         Eun-shil KIM (Ewha Womans University)
【Moderator】Ruri ITO (Hitotsubashi University, COE Member)

【Organizer】”Globalization of the Reproductive Sphere and Asia” Symposium Organizing Committee
【Collaborators】Research Collective “International Migration and Gender (IMAGE)”
           Institute for Gender Studies, OchanomizuUniversity
           Center for Research and Social Sciences, HitotsubashiUniversity
           Asia Research Institute and the Department of Geography, NationalUniversity of Singapore
【Co-sponsors】Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
           Project A2 “International Migration and Gender Configuration in Asia”

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