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November 5-6, 2005 Inter-Asia Gender Studies in the Post-Cold War Era (2nd F-GENS


Program: Day 1
Keynote Speech
 Jinhua DAI (Peking University)
  "Cultural Politics and Gender in the Post-Cold War Era"

Session 1: Panel Discussion "Japan as the 'Other': Gender Politics of Representation during and after Cold War"
 Ikuo SHINJOU (University of the Ryukyu)
   "The Political Formation of the Homoerotics and the Cold War: Battle of the Gazes Directed at and from Okinawa"
 Keiko NITTA (Hitotsubashi University, COE Visiting Researcher) 
   "Deviation of Manhood in Martial Arts Movies: On Disorderly Sex and Ethnicity"
 Eun-Shil KIM (Ewha Womans University)
   "The Differences that Japanese Women Found in Winter Sonata"
【Discussants】Hiroko SAKAMOTO (Hitotsubashi University)
          Vera MACKIE (University of Melbourne)
【Commentators】Jinhua DAI (Peking University) 
            Tani BARLOW (University of Washington)
【Moderators】Satoko KAN (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
         Kaoru TACHI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Program: Day 2
Junior Scholars' Session: "Junior Scholars' Voices: Inter-Asia Gender Studies for the 21st Century"
Session A: Challenging the Boundaries: Gender, Race, Class and Nation

 Noriko MATSUNAGA & Atsuko NIWA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
   "Did or Didn't Orlando Cross the Border(s)?"
 Junko TORIYAMA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
   "Existing Ideology, New Interpretations"
 Junko KOBAYASHI (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
   "Japanese-French Families in Tokyo beyond the Boundaries"
【Commentators】Akwi SEO (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
            Nahoko YAMAGUCHI (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
【Moderator】Ruri ITO (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Session B: Changing the Culture of Gender-Based Violence
 Yoshie YANAGIHARA (COE PD Research Fellow)
   "The Status Quo of and Transitions in Women’s Self-Determination in Japan"
 Minori KOKADO (COE Research Collaborator)  
   "The Development of Medical Technology and Perspective on Women’s Body"
 Naoko OHRI (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
   "Violence in Socialization among Scholars: Sexual and Academic Harassment on Campus"
 Noriko UTSUMI (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
   "SHONO Yoriko's Kompira: Can across-Gendered Performance Surmount Discoursive Violence?"
【Commentators】Yumi FURUSAWA (University of Tokyo, graduate student)
            Yoko KURATA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
【Moderator】Naomi NEMURA (Nihon University, COE Visiting Researcher)

Session 2: Symposium "The Challenge of Gender Equality Policy in a Globalizing Asia"
 Tamie KAINOU (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   "Women’s Human Rights and Public Policy in Japan"
 Eiko SHINOTSUKA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   "Gender Equal Policy from Viewpoint of the Panel Survey on Seoul and Beijing"
 Emiko NAMIHIRA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   "Political Problems of School Sex Education in Okinawa"
 Kazuko TAKEMURA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   "'Pure Love' and Constitutional Amendments: Yukio Mishima and Today's Cinematization of His Novel"*
【Commentators】Ruri ITO (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
            Azumi TSUGE (Meiji Gakuin University, COE Program Member)
            Rhacel Salazar PARREÑAS (University of California, Davis)
【Moderators】Michiko ISHIZUKA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
         Mariko ADACHI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Full Paper(English) in “F-GENS Journal” No.5

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