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January 13-14, 2007 Beyond the Difference

International Workshop "Beyond the Difference: Repositioning Gender and Development in Asian and the Pacific Context"

Day 1
Opening Address
 Keichi KUIMAGAI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Keynote Address
 Ruth PEARSON (The Centre for Development Studies, University of Leeds, UK)
   “Gender, Globalisation and Development: Key Issues for the Asian Region in the 21st century”

Session 1
 Orie KIMURA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
   “From Housewives to Entrepreneurs: Women's Activities and the Restructuring Local Communities, A Case of Suburban Tokyo”
 Keiko HIRANO (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
   “Gender Politics in “practical community”: A study on Indonesian Family Welfare "Movement"
 Marpaleni (The Central Board of Statistics, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia)
   “Women in Informal Sectors: Invisible Workers, Visible Contribution: A Case Study of Women Working in the Informal Sector in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia”

Session 2
 Michiko ONO (UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia)
   “UNICEF’s Approach to Achieve Gender Equality: Paralegal Committees for Prevention of Trafficking in Girls in Nepal”
 Kumiko SHUTO (University of Bristol, UK)
   “A Gender Analysis of Forest Conservation Initiatives in Coastal Bangladesh: Who Participates Why?”
 Mine SATO (UNICEF Pakistan)
   “’Gender Needs’ of Female Healthcare Providers, Pakistan:A Critical and Conceptual Review”
 Mary JOHN(Center for Women’s Development Studies, India)
   ”Gender and Development: Indian debates in a Global Context”

Day 2
 Kristi POERWANDARI (Center for Women and Gender’s Studies, University of Indonesia)
   “Beyond the Difference: Repositioning Gender and Development in Indonesia”

Session 3
 Junko TORIYAMA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student) “
   “Beyond ‘the Local Gender Norm’: The Power Entanglement behind "Maharam" Norm (Restriction on Women's Mobility) in Egypt”
 Hiroko MINEASAKI (Ochanomizu University)
   “The Potential of Islamic Values in Gender and Development Policy: A Case Study in Contemporary Egypt”
 Mayuko SANO (Rikkyo University)
   “Beyond the Dichotomy of Gender-Sensitiveness and Local-Sensitiveness: Aiming to Present the Practical Framework”

Session 4
 Yukiko NAKAMURA (Ochanomizu University, graduate student)
   “Making ‘Unstable Space’: The case of WDCS, Rajasthan, India”
 Yoko FUJIKAKE (Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University) & Shihoko Kuroda (JICA)
   “Empowerment Evaluation Model: Comparative Study of Paraguay and Honduras”

【Coordinators】Keichi KUMAGAI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member),
           Project A-3 “Local-Sensetive Gender and Development Policies

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