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Research Project Sessions with Overseas Guests

December 17, Cross-Project Researches Session with Gilbert HERDT (San Francisco State University)
February 20, Project A-3 Session with Lyla MEHTA (Sussex University)
"The Double Bind: A Gender Analysis of Forced Displacement and Resettlement"
January 29, Project A-2 Session with Mika TOYOTA & Nicola PIPER (National University of Singapore)

October 2, Project C-1/2/5 Session with Wati HERMAWATI (Indonesian Institute of Science)
"Women in Science and Engineering: Learning from Asian Examples"
June 2, Project A-2 Session with Fatou SOW (Centre National de la Scientifique, Université de Paris VII)
April 22, Project A-2 Session with Daiva STASIULIS (Carleton University, Canada)
"Narratives of Multiple Citizens"
March 24, Project C-1/2/5 Session with Eun Kyoung LEE (Chonbuk National University, Korea)
"Female Scientist and Engineer in Korea"
January 12, Judith BUTLER (University of California, Barkley) Talk at International Christian University (D-1)

November 19, Project A-2 Session with Rhacel Salazar PARRENÃS (University of California, Davis)
"Migrant Filipinas in Tokyo's Nightlife Industry"
July 25, Project A-2 Session with Evelyn HU-DeHART (Brown University)
"The Underside of Globalization: Asian Immigrant Workers in Late Capitalist America"

January 23, Project A-2 Session with Keiko YAMANAKA (Univeristy of California, Berkeley)
"Gendered Migration, Entitlements and Civil Action in Asia"

November 7, Project B Session with Xiaochun QIAO (former Director of Institute of Population Research, Renmin University of China)
"Gender and Family Issues in Urban and Rural China"
September 27, International Migration and Gender Configuration in Asia Research Project (A-2) Session with Isabelita T. MANALASTAS (Managing Director, Philippine National Bank, Tokyo Branch)
September 20, International Migration and Gender Configuration in Asia Research Project (A-2) Session with Rafael ALANRCÓN (El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana, Mexico)

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