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December 11-12, 2004Globalization, Violence and Gender (1st F-GENS Conference)

Program: Day 1
Keynote Speech
 Tamie KAINOU (Ochanomizu University, COE Program leader)
  “Legal Gender Studies and Reinterpretations of Violence: A New Frontier of Gender Studies”

Session A: How Does Power Perform? : Representations of Violence and Redeployments of Gender
 Anne CUBILIÉ (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
   “Doing Justice to the Impossible: Gender, Testimony and Human Rights”*
 Hyunah YANG (Seoul National University)
   “Sixty Years of Rape: Postcolonial Trauma of Korean ‘Military Comfort Women’”
 Yoshiko SHIMADA (Artist)
   “Women's Violence Represented in Arts”
 Kazuko TAKEMURA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   “Violence-Invested (non)Desire: Global Phallomorphism & Lethal Biopolitics”*
【Commentators】Yoko TOTANI (Ochanomizu University)
            Chika AMANO (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
【Moderator】 Satoko KAN (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Junior Scholars' Session: Poster Session
 16 groups including F-GENS Junior Scholars

Session B: Preliminary Results of Panel Survey and Gender Disparities in East Asia: The Cases of Korea and PRC
 Yumiko MURAO (JSPS PD Research Fellow)& Hiromi ISHIZUKA (COE PD Research Fellow)
   “Globalization and Employments of Men and Women”
 Nobuko NAGASE (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)& Junko TAKEZAWA (COE Research Assistant)
   “Gender Disparities in the Reproductive Sphere”
 Michiko MIFUNE (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)&
 Sujin LEE (Ochanomizu University, graduate student, COE Research Assistant)
   “Comparative Study of the Gender Inequality for Household Economy among Korea, Japan and China”
【Commentators】Emiko NAMIHIRA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
            Keichi KUMAGAI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
            Qiyan WANG (Renmin University, China)
【Moderators】Ruri ITO (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
         Isao MIZUNO (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

Program: Day 2
Plenary Session: “ Globalizations” and Violence in Reproductive Sphere: Gender Issues in Asia
 Eiko SHINOTSUKA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
   “Economic Globalization and Its Effects on Decreasing Birth-rate: A Study Focusing on Japan and Korea with  Some Insight into China”
 Mariko ADACHI (Osaka Women’s University, COE Program Member)
   “Globalization of Reproductive Sphere and Multiple Globalizations”
 Kaori MUTO (Shinshu University, COE Program Member)
   “Gender and Violence in Biomedical Sphere”
【Commentators】Michiko ISHIZUKA (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)
            Eun-shil KIM (Ewha Womans University)
            Hiroko HARA (The Open University of Japan, COE Program Member)
【Moderator】Kaoru TACHI (Ochanomizu University, COE Program Member)

【Organizers】Project C-3 “Bio-Medicine and Gender in the Age of Post-Genome”
*Full paper (English) in “F-GENS Journal” No.3

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